What is the EasyCarCare promotion?

How EasyCarCare started..

Posted by EasyCarCare on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

People kept telling me how hard it was to find a good honest garage. A garage that treated them respectfully and didn't leave them feeling ripped off. So I decided to go and find those garages, and on this website and our Facebook page you can watch videos of people giving feedback on how they have genuinely saved hundreds of pounds on their annual servicing needs. All our garages are exclusively selected for their high standard of workmanship and great customer care. 

To maintain OUR standards, we don't work for garages. We 'partner' garages, and only those that we would use and recommend to our own families and friends - that's our commitment to quality, ethical selling.

Why we called our company Best is Local

When I started the business it was called Footprint Field Marketing (UK) Ltd because that's what we did - and still do: door-to-door field marketing, covering the footprint of local garages, and advertising their services to their local community.

As the business grew it became apparent that we needed a name for our garage product. We chose EasyCarCare.

In 2016 we changed our name from Footprint Field Marketing to Best is Local, because we truly believe that supporting your local community is best for everyone. EasyCarCare is now a registered trade mark belonging to Best is Local.

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