Grow your business

Become part of our EasyCarCare Network of Quality Garages to receive new customers, build long-term relationships, enhance your reputation and benefit from ongoing positive referrals. 

Grow your business and increase your bottom line with EasyCarCare.

Our bottom line has increased by a good 10%
— Julie Bowring, Proprietor, Vulcan Motors Ltd

Get new customers

We raise your profile in the community

We advertise your garage within a radius of 2.5 miles of your location, offering car owners, whether at home, at the office or through their social club, amazing deals on the excellent services you provide.

With next to no financial risk up front, we provide you with a proven, highly successful and immediate route to NEW customers. It’s a win-win for you and your NEW customers.

Save money

We advertise your business for you

When you become a partner garage, we design and produce personalised certificates with your company logo to promote your garage and the EasyCarCare package of discounted car services - you just pay for the printing.

We then advertise your garage at no cost to you - we:

  • Promote your garage via face-to-face sales meetings with car owners in your local area
  • Increase your garage's brand awareness through video testimonials from all our happy clients
  • Promote your garage to national companies, public sector organisations and social clubs in your local area
  • Advertise your company on our website, in tweets, on our Facebook page and via traditional press releases.

You will also have the opportunity to work with us on promotional activities e.g. at local community events, if you want; and learn how to maximise your marketing potential by liaising with us on social media.

How it works

The way it works is simple

In return for providing discounted garage services for car owners, we advertise your garage and bring NEW customers directly to you.

Every car owner who buy the EasyCarCare promotion receives a certificate that should present to you on each and every visit.

You provide the discounted services to the car owner as agreed which enables you to build a long-term relationship, based on you delivering ongoing quality service and customer care.

In addition, you get to substantially raise your profile in the community (and keep it there), you get to benefit from ongoing press and social media campaigns, and you have a presence in all the EasyCarCare marketing promotions and initiatives, a brand that is growing its profile and increasing its followers daily. 


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